Hi! We're a motion design studio, passionate about visualizing ideas.

At Amigo Motion, we make videos that create impact.

We’re passionate about helping big ideas get noticed, and we do so through blending the arts of design, motion, and sound, with engaging and effective storytelling.

We are a team of friendly, down-to-earth creatives, who strive for quality in everything we do.

Working with ambition businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies, we're always excited about what's next.

Hi! We're a creative bunch with technical/marketing oriented minds

Amigo Motion is a motion design studio based in Israel. Our studio exists to help Tech & SaaS brands promote their products with visual clarity.

Owner & Creative Director
Daniel Futerman

Daniel is our founder and creative director. He strives to live his life in a way that gives all glory to God.

He loves spending time with his awesome wife, adorable kids, family and friends. People spark his energy.

Having a curious mind, he’s constantly thinking about the next creative project and exploring the boundaries of what’s not possible yet.

Art director & Animator
Jordan Silver

Jordan can do it all.

With strong knowledge in 2D & 3D animation, and an extremely talented eye for all things technical, his versatility often finds him jumping in and out of every project.

When not at work, he loves spending time in nature, running and working out in order to maintain a balanced and healthy mind and body.

3D Artist
Yoav Maoz

Yoav is an artist.

Having begun his career in architecture, his passion developed into 3D space.

His strong eye and attention to detail are what give him the edge when crafting 3D models to precision.

His wife and kids keep him inspired, and the love of God motivates him daily.

Why work with us

Your team creates incredible tools that empower personal and business growth.

Our team blends an ideal mix of the technical, creative and marketing skills that makes us the perfect fit to explain what you do and why your target audience should care.

Plus, we're super fun & easy to work with.

Before After

The steps

Every great video starts with a great story.

Those stories are then developed into engaging visual content that come to life with motion and sound.

Our Values

Put people & experience above quantity & scale.

Keep things friendly, fun, and down to earth.

The smallest details make the biggest impact.

Let's talk

In the call we will share our approach to making videos, and you can ask us anything you want. If there's a good fit, we'll send over a proposal.