Premium video templates
for freelance animators

video templates
for freelance animators

Charge your clients more, not less. With our high-end templates, you can charge your clients 5-10X the price of our items.

Premium Animation Template Building Blocks for Freelance Animators

Become the go-to animator.

At Amigo Motion, we believe long term clients are key to growing your animation business. But getting there is not easy. You need to impress your clients with quality and speed above and beyond their expectations.

Problem is, your client expects premium quality, done yesterday. As a team of freelance animators & designers we know how these crazy & stressful deadlines take out all the fun and limit creativity.

That's why we created a library of premium video templates, including high-end app & product promos, explainer videos, and unique logo intros -- allowing you to complete your projects faster, impress your client, and make more money.

Freelance Animation using a video template to complete his project faster
Win Win situation. Charge your clients more not less


Let’s be frank. You want to charge your clients' more, not less. We get that. With our fairly prices items, you can charge your clients a premium, because they're getting premium. In other words, we believe you can charge your clients 5-10X of our item price. Not bad, hey?

Impress your client.

When your client goes from "Hmm... to WOOAH! " you know he'll come back for more. That's what we want for you. Our goal is to help you get more business, because we want you back here to repeat your success.

Save time.

The creative process takes time; brainstorming, design, storyboard, animation... but when you're in a business, speed matters. With our templates, you can complete projects faster, get more clients, and make more money.

How does this work? Easy.

Find a video template that’s a perfect fit for your project.
Purchase the item and open it in After Effects (or Premiere Pro for selected items).
Change the colors and content to match your client’s branding and marketing messages.
Impress your client with a premium quality video, become his go-to animator.