The process is key to
a successful project

We follow 7 steps to ensure your project is a success


1. Brief
2. Script
3. Style Frame
4. Voice over
5. Animation
6. Audio Mix
7. Sign off

1. Brief

In the kickoff call we discuss your project, ask a bunch of questions, listen, and then listen some more.

We then get our team together to brainstorm creative ideas and develop a concept moodboard for your video.

2. Script

The foundation of every good video is an excellent script.

We prefer to be deeply involved in story creation, but if you already have a script we’re happy to go that way too.

3. Design

Time for some sketches. At this point we develop a storyboard & style frames to align on look & feel.

Once both approved, we move on to designing all the key scenes throughout the video.

4. Voice over

The right voice along with the exact delivery is crucial for creating the right connection with your audience.

We work with a wide variety of high quality talent and make sure to identify exactly the right match for your project.

5. Animation

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The visuals come to life and all the hard work starts paying off.

We tweak keyframes, adjust the value graph (yes, that’s a thing), and keep animating until it’s just right.

6. Sound

Sound is just as important as the visual content, if not even more so.

We work with highly talented audio producers who compose both music and sound effects, custom-made for your video.

7. Sign off

Time to wrap things up.

We fine-tune all the last bits & pieces and then render out a shiny new video for you to share with the world.

The entire production is a collaborative process and we care deeply about your experience from start to finish.

So when all the hard work is done, we enjoy jumping on one last call to chat and see how you felt about working with us.

We believe in forming long lasting relationships with our clients, so if there is anything we can do to improve your experience for next time around, we’d like to know.


Daniel Futerman
Owner & Creative Director

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